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Electric blanket circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/28/2021 10:34

Electric blanket, also known as electric mattress, is a contact electric heating appliance, it will be specially made, insulation performance up to the standard of flexible cable electric heating elements in the shape of a coil woven or sewed into the blanket, when the power is generated heat. It is mainly used for people to increase the temperature of the bed to achieve the purpose of heating. It can also be used for desiccant of bedding.It has a history of more than 100 years for its low power consumption, adjustable temperature, convenient use and wide use. At present, a new type of radiation-free electric blanket has been awarded the national patent. Pregnant women, children and the elderly can safely use the radiation-free electric blanket.

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Electric blanket implementation principle

Used in thermostat blanket. The yarn core is woven with glass fiber or polyester yarn, which is wound with flexible flexible electrothermal alloy wire (or foil strip), covered with a layer of nylon heat-sensing layer or special plastic heat-sensing layer, and then wrapped with a copper alloy signal wire outside the heat-sensing layer, and coated with a layer of heat-resistant resin on the outside. When the temperature at any point of the electric blanket exceeds the predetermined value, the sensible heat layer on the corresponding electric heating wire there will change from the insulator into a good conductor, so that the control circuit will be closed and the electric blanket will be cut off to achieve the purpose of temperature control and safety protection.

General type electric blanket with no signal linear electric heating element is adopted. If the temperature control is to be realized, there are generally two types of temperature control elements: one is the overheating safety thermostat. Each electric blanket needs about 8 ~ 9 pieces, which are connected in series with the electric heating element to play a role of safety protection; The other is a thermostat controller, located at the head of a bed or at hand, that regulates temperature. The thermostatic controller is only needed for the electric blanket with a signal wire heating element.

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