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Electric water heater circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/28/2021 10:41

Electric water heater is to point to the water heater that USES electricity as energy to undertake heating. It is one of the three water heaters with gas water heater and solar water heater. Electric water heater can be divided into water storage type by heating power size (also called positive displacement type or heat storage type), namely hot type, rapid heat type (also called half water storage type) 3 kinds.

Water heater and ordinary speed dual-mode electric water heater, although similar size, but the internal structure, speed water heater and water storage type electric water heater than just smaller, more power, so the heating speed is faster than water storage type electric water heater, but it is hot in the spring and autumn are not reached, preheating, namely needs to wait for, and dual-mode electric water heater in the spring, summer, autumn three seasons namely thermal model are available, and that is hot.

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Electric water heater

Water storage type electric water heater is divided into open type and enclosed type again two kinds. Early water storage type electric water heater is open type more or open type, its structure is simple, volume is not big, rely on the pressure that hangs in gao Gao to gush, water flow is lesser, but the price is lower, suit to the population is little, domestic circumstance is not very rich, do the family that bath USES only to buy. Because open type electric water heater does not have to the pressure function of interior design, cannot supply water to other conduit much, the function is limited. The inner bladder of enclosed electric water heater is sealed, water pressure inside cistern is very big, its inner bladder can bear pressure, reason can supply water more, can be used at shower already, also can be used at tub bath, still can be used at washing clothes, wash vegetables, the price is relatively more expensive, be in commonly 1000 Yuan or so. Water storage type electric water heater can automatically keep constant temperature and heat preservation, can still supply hot water when power failure. The electric water heater on domestic market basically is closed water heater of water of water storage type, it need not divide a room to install, do not produce harmful gas, clean sanitation, and can adjust temperature conveniently.

Enclosed water heaters work simply by using an electric heating tube that provides heat to the water after it is energized. The tank shall store hot water and bear a pressure of 0.6mpa (about 6kg/cm2), and the shell shall be insulated. The first difference between the products is reflected in the heating tube, there are immersion type, that is, direct contact with the water to be heated, or isolation type. The heating tube has 1.2, 1.5 and 2.5KW power to choose from. The heating tube is controlled by a thermostat that sets the required temperature and keeps the water temperature in the tank constant, adjustable from 40℃ to 75℃.Timing product series of time control system can bring maximum energy savings, coupled with time-sharing meters, can save a lot of electricity costs.Some products also have a large LCD screen, single-key shuttle operation interface and real-time fault monitoring functions. Electric water heater must be installed with a pressure relief valve to ensure overpressure relief. In order to minimize heat loss, a polyurethane or high density foam insulation layer is used between the shell and the inner tank.

According to the different installation mode, electric water heater can be divided into horizontal wall hanging, vertical wall hanging, groove under the type (under the stage type), common floor type and integrated floor installation. Floor type capacity is larger, usually for collective or industrial use; Wall hanging small capacity also groove type (under the stage type) varieties, their inlet and outlet pipe joint is located in the upper end rather than the lower end, so should be near the ground position wall installation.

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