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What cases will be charged of extra cost?

Typically,final PCB pricing is based on our PCB Instant Online Quote, but there are some exceptions because of the complex PCB designs. For example, different designs, some special production process, and different customer requirements, extra cost will be incurred during file review process, however this part of extra cost cannot be calculated by PCBBUY online quote system. Extra charges will be applied for the following cases. 

1.Irregular shaped PCB that are different from standard shapes as squares or rectangles will be charged extra cost. 

2.Routing the width of slot should be no less than 0.8mm, it will cost extra charge if the number of slots is more than 5 in a single PCB. 

3.Extra cost for 2-colored solder mask. 

4.It will have extra cost of V-cut if the V-cut line counted more than 12.

5.Extra cost for Led PCB Engineering fee, based on the difficulty of the PCB. 

6.Profiling difficulty fee, according to Engineering department feedback.

7.Penalization difficulty fee.

8.BGA minimum pad is 0.25mm, normal BGA is free, 

9.Extra cost for drilling, if the drilling density exceed 60,000/㎡. 

10.Test fee, customer can supplier E-test fixture, there is an extra cost for handling fee. Single PCB test point is more than 1000 points; Flying probe test points is more than 20000 points/㎡.it will have an extra charge. 

11.Extra cost for Tab-routing if routing exceed 75m/㎡

12.Extra cost for V-cut line exceed 480mm. 

13.Extra cost for counterbore

14.Inner copper weight 1oz. 

15.Production in Panel, but need to separate in single PCBs

16.Silkscreen covered with ink area is more than 50% ink   

17.Specified ink fee. 

18.ENIG covered arear is more than 20%, or cover the whole PCB board/ all the surface with ENIG, the cost for it will be much higher than to cover it with the pads only.

19.Bond IC , 6mil spacing  

20.Extra Cost for Express service

We can supply express 24H service for 1-layer or 2-layer PCB and express for this service, QTY of the single PCB l boards need to be less than 30pcs or area less than 1㎡, if the QTY or area surpassed this, the express fee will be increased.   

21.If customers want to cancel order in production process; if penalization is finished, it will need to pay engineering fee+ film fee. After cutting process: it will need to pay engineering fee+ filming fee+ board fee. 

22.If customers want to modify the file, for PCB prototype, it can’t be modified the file after penalization. For PCB batch order, need to pay film cost, and engineering extra. (if E-test fixture is finished, there is an extra cost for E-test fixture cost) 

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