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  • Standard PCB
Size :
The size is accurate to 2 decimal places. If the size in is different, the file shall prevail. Circular board, length and width is the diameter of the circle; Irregular dimensions of length and width are measured according to the maximum shape range.
x mm
Must see before order
Quantity :
Select a minimum of 5 pieces, and the area calculation method is (height * width * number of boards) : the area ≤1m² and the number ≤30pcs are samples. If the number exceeds this range, small batches are selected.
Material :
FR-4 is epoxy glass fiber material, which widely used in the production of PCBs,
Layers :
The number of conductive layers.
PCB Stackup PCB Stackup PCB Stackup PCB Stackup PCB Stackup
CEM-1-TG :
Number of Designs :
How many different design of PCBs in the panel?
Board Type :
Board type is the method in which you want to deliver your PCB, irregular shape, round board, small batch orders, or sizes less than 100mm*100mm, no matter soldered by hand or machine, we suggest to deliver in panel,which can improve SMT efficiency and reduce the production cost.
X-out Allowance in Panel :
Bad PCBs existed in panel, If you do not accept the X-out Allowance in Panel, the cost will increase 30%
Panel Way :
The array of PCB in panel
x *Order: Vertical X Horizontal
Route Process :
Break-away Rail:
Panel Info

Panel Info

Panel Size
Panel Quantity
Panel Area

Set View (FYI)

Routing width
Y level:mmX levelmm
Thickness :
Our company uses Kingboard A class military industy material, the board thickness ≥0.8mm finished board thickness ±10%, the board thickness < 0.8mm finished board thickness ±0.10mm, if there are other requirements for board thickness tolerance, please note in other requirements, otherwise regarded as normal board thickness tolerance.
* Unit: mm
Finished Copper :
Copper plating is the most basic conductive layer of circuit board. Our company completes enough copper thickness according to customer requirements to meet customer's conductive functional requirements.
Inner Copper :
The thickness and width of copper in PCB are mainly designed according to electric current. When the average current of the signal is large, consideration should be given to the current that can be carried by the width constraint, the cooper thickness of PCB layout and relations between width constraint and current. 0.5oz=17.5um,1oz=35um
Min Track/Spacing :
Min Hole Size :
Solder Mask :
the color of the soldermask,some special color need extra fee
  • sale
Silk Screen :
It refers to the component symbol or text identification color printed on the circuit board, none/white/free, some special colors will be charged for color
Surface Finish :
Extra process to exposed copper to help solderability.
Au/Ni Thickness :
Au/Ni Thickness :
Thickness of ENEPIG: :
The average thickness of Ni is 120u''
Hard gold Thickness :
The average thickness of Ni is 120u''
Immersion Gold/ Hard gold :
The average thickness of Ni is 120u''
Via Process :
Tenting VIAS standard is through the hole in the tin furnace does not stick tin, hole redness is a normal process phenomenon; The standard of Plugged VIAS is based on the impermeable white light to the light hole, and the default plug oil will not be full when the inner hole is more than 0.45mm. No cavity filled vias: plug hole full no light.

*For Gerber files, this choice is useless.It will be made according to files as default.

Test Method :
100% full test, free test for protyping orders. Batch order option testing jig test, reorder free test fee (valid within 6 months)
Gold Fingers :
The direction of gold finger: width 50mm * height 30mm. Files including gold finger can select this option. If it is be selected with gold finger not included in file, our company will not be responsible for the quality problems.
*Beveled Degree 45°
Beveled Degree :
*BGA the smallest PAD is 0.25mm
Impedance Control :
Impedance tolerance: ±10% (For multi-layer boards, PCBBUY will provide the specified pressing structure. If the impedance requirements for interworking with inner traces are involved, please confirm whether they meet the requirements. The impedance of outer traces can be made according to the design requirements in the file.)
*Multiple choice
Impedance Report :
Carbon Ink :
 ≤ 50 ohms by default, please contact us for special needs.

*默认≤50Ω 特殊需求可咨询定制

Confirm Production File :
once the option been chosen,you can check and confirm the PCB file before production.the lead time need recalculated according to the confirmed production file time
Delivery Requirement:
  • Neutral Carton Box
  • Remove Production Number
  • Paper Sheet between PCBs
  • Humidity Card
Special Technology:
  • Edge plating
  • Two-color solder mask
  • Press-fit holes
  • Countersink
  • Rectangle slot
  • Z-axis milling
  • Counterbore
  • HDI
  • Castellated Holes
  • Partially plated copper
Copper of Hole:
Extra process to exposed copper to help solderability.
UL Mark:
After selection, the UL mark is added to the random blank space by default.
Production Number:
1. PCBBUY number A unique number for the order of PCBBUY will be added to the random blank space. 2. Without number Extra charge for it and number will not be added on PCB. System will automatically select and confirm the production file. 3. System will automatically select and confirm the production file for production number on certain location. The character "PCBPUYPCBPUY" must be added in the same position of the PCB file. The line width is 5mil and the character height is not less than 0.8mm. If the specified number needs to be added to the margin, please note: Add product number is to the margin.

*This item is invalid if no location is specified or no PCBBUY character is added.

Add/Update the Date:
Remark :
PCB Specifications
Capability Detail
Size Quantity
Layers Thickness
Solder Mask Font Color
Via Process

Surface Finish

Test Method

Finished Copper

Board Type


Pricing and Build Time
  • Delivery Time
  • Build Time
  • PCB Cost
  • Shipping Cost
  • Total

Shipping The weight here is for reference only; the shipping cost might be adjusted according to the actual weight of the final product.


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