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730 19 6D

8 layers intelligent printer PCB


size 17.50cm x 10.50cm

layer 10-layer

board thickness 2.0mm

hole size 0.20mm

trace width/space 3.00/3.00mil

silk screen white

application office equipment

technology high precision multistage impedance matching

surface finish HASL


8 layers high precision intelligent printer board,multistage impedance matching

Why Us

Special Technologies

·Impedance matching of inner & outer layer

·Support single/double PP specific stackup

·Surface finishing: HASL, ENIG, IMM Tin, OSP, bare copper

·Solder mask: tenting vias/vias not covered/plugged vias/Epoxy filled

·vias/Buried Vias hole

·Two-color Solder Mask/Edge Plating/Press-fit holes/Counterbore/Rectangle Slot

Technical Capabilities

·1-8 Layers PCB

·PCB maximum size 1000×600 mm

·PCB boards thickness 0.3-2.4 mm

·Minimum trace width/space of inner and outer layer 3mil Minimum hole size 0.2 mm

·The aspect ratio of board thickness and hole size 10:1

·Impedance matching of inner & outer layer ranges 45-110Ω

·Finished Copper 1-3oz

PCBBUY Quality Control

· 70-minute electro-plating time to ensure the copper thickness of the drill hole and surface copper.

·Backlight test to ensure the adhesion of through-hole copper.

·The AOI tests ensure the pass rate of conductor trace.

·High-speed Flying Probe Tests ensure the qualified rate of the circuit boards.

·The solder mask is exposed by an LED parallel exposure machine, and the exposure uniformity is more than 90%.

·High precision laser text printing machine, ensure silkscreen clarity and accuracy.

·Use military-grade material to guarantee the quality from the source.

Advanced equipment

In PCBBUY, we have famous brand equipments in the industry including: Taiwan Dongtai drilling machine,Taiwan Jingming automatic PTH equipment,Taiwan Jingming automatic copper plating equipment,laser LDI exposure machine,high-speed two-color printer, AOI testing equipment, high-speed fly probe tester, X-Ray machine, Impedance tester and etc.

Factory scale & QS

The factory scale of PCBBUY reaches tens of thousands of square meters. Our annual output has exceeded 250,000 square meters and there are over 180 central equipments and over 70 multilayer PCB engineers. Our factory strictly implements the production management standard and the products conform to the IPC II class standard by default. We promise 10-year quality guarantee. Be responsible for each product and never introduce, manufacture and deliver the substandard products.