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Bath heater circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/28/2021 09:00

Bath heater is a small household appliance product which combines the functions of heating, infrared ray physiotherapy, ventilation and decoration in the bathroom through the special waterproof infrared heat wave tube and ventilator.

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Bath bully classification

Bath bully is the preferred heating device in many homes (also known in the industry as a multi-purpose heater).According to its heating principle, the bath bully sold in the market can be divided into the following four types:

Bulb series bath blaster: the special infrared quartz heating bulb as the heat source, through direct radiation heating indoor air, there is no need for preheating, can achieve a wide range of heating effect in an instant. Its functions are heating, ventilation and lighting. 2 or 4 275W hard quartz explosion-proof bulbs are used for heating. The effect is concentrated and strong. Two-in-one bath bully is specially designed for installed ventilation fans or low bathrooms, old residential bathrooms and features easy installation.

PTC(a ceramic heating element) series bath heater: PTC ceramic heating element as the heat source, with fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no luminescence, no flame, long service life and other advantages, at the same time with double insurance function, very safe and reliable.

Double warm current series bath heater: use far infrared radiation heating bulb and PTC ceramic heating element to combine heating, faster heating, higher thermal efficiency.

Far infrared thermal wave bath: also named as "sunshine physiotherapy bath", it simulates the principle of sunlight through a photo catalytic coating composition and a radiation heating system with the composition, which USES electrical energy to convert into heat energy, and then the heat energy is converted into far infrared light through the composition. The whole system can achieve far infrared radiation heating, deodorization and antibacterial properties. It has the advantages of high somatosensory temperature and no noise, physiotherapy, and promoting blood circulation. Full alloy enclosure, no glass breakage risk; Heating surface no visible light, filter near infrared ray, no harm to eyes, and long service life, safe and reliable.

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