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Dishwasher Pcb

By: 03/13/2021 14:24

Dishwashers are devices that automatically clean dishes such as bowls, chopsticks, dishes, knives, and forks. The fully automatic dishwashers on the market can be divided into two types: household and commercial. The household automatic dishwashers are only suitable for families, mainly including cabinet type, desktop type, sink integrated type and integrated type.

According to the structure, commercial dishwashers can be divided into 5 categories: cabinet type, hood type, basket pass type, belt pass type, and ultrasonic wave, which reduces the labor intensity for the cooks in restaurants, hotels, and canteens, improves work efficiency, and improves Clean and hygienic.

The control device is installed in the door of the dishwasher, just behind the control panel. Most of the components use a simple motor system: a timer, which determines the duration of each phase of the operation and activates the appropriate function at the appropriate time (such as adding detergent, water spray cleaning and drainage function). More expensive dishwashers may contain computer control systems. Modern dishwashers also have a door lock, which must be locked to operate. Some even have child safety locks.


Thickness: 1.6mm

Shelf: Double-layer board

Sheet: FR-4

Minimum aperture: 0.37mm

Minimum line width moment: 0.36*0.32mm

Minimum hole copper: 25um

Specifications: 87.2*38.6mm

Surface treatment: hot air leveling

Solder mask: green oil white

Outer copper thickness: 1.0oz





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