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Electric iron circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/28/2021 10:26

Electric irons are tools for flattening clothes and cloth, and their power is generally between 300 and 1000W. Its type can be divided into: ordinary type, thermostat type, steam spray type, etc. The common type electric iron is simple in structure, cheap in price, convenient in manufacture and maintenance.

Adjustable electric iron can automatically adjust the temperature within the range of 60-250 ℃ and automatically cut off the power supply. It can be ironed at the appropriate temperature according to different clothing materials, which saves energy compared with ordinary type. Steam atomizing electric irons have both the function of temperature-regulating and steam generating. Some of them are also equipped with atomizing devices to avoid the trouble of artificial water spraying. The wetting of clothing materials is more even and the ironing effect is better.

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Electric iron principle

Early irons were made of cast iron and were shaped like a bucket in which charcoal was burned, hence the name "iron". Europeans have been ironing their own clothes since the 17th century. They use a heavy "flat iron" to heat clothes in a fire or on a hot metal plate before ironing them. This gave rise to all sorts of problems, such as the tendency to scorch clothes by making the iron too hot. The anxiety was also expressed when the iron was not quite hot enough to begin ironing. Sometimes the iron handle was made very hot.  This means that people often injure themselves while ironing. New York inventor Henry W. See changed all that yesterday. He invented the first practical electric iron in 1882.It contains a wire element. When an electric current passes through it, the wire heats up, just like in a traditional electric furnace.

The temperature of the tool from electric energy to heat energy is determined by its own power and the length of the electrification time. With large wattage and long electrification time, the fast heating temperature will be high; conversely, the slow heating temperature will be low. The heating element of electric iron includes mica skeleton heating element and metal tube heating element. The electric iron made of mica skeleton heating element has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, uniform heating and convenient maintenance. Its disadvantages are that the electric heating wire is exposed to the air, oxidizes quickly at high temperature, has a short life, is easily affected by humid air and has poor insulation performance. Electric irons made of metal tube heating elements have good mechanical strength, long life, high thermal efficiency, good moisture-proof performance, safety and reliability, but the manufacturing process is complex.

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