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Electric kettle circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/27/2021 10:47

The working principle of the electric kettle is that the steam generated when the water is boiling deforms the bimetallic sheet of the steam temperature-sensing element. This deformation pushes the power switch to power off through the principle of lever. The power off is not self-resetting, so the kettle will not reheat automatically after power off.


The electric kettle was born in Chicago in 1891. With the development of science and technology, fast, safe, convenient, and full use of energy have gradually become the main characteristics of kettles, and British tea lovers have fallen in love with it ever since. In the 21st century, it has become a global bestseller. The electric kettle uses steam intelligent induction temperature control, which has the functions of automatic power off after water boiling and anti-dry burning power off. With the needs of life, the current electric kettle is also developing in the direction of multi-function, such as leak-proof, anti-scald, water lock, etc. The electric kettle has the advantages of fast heating speed, good heat preservation effect, strong filtering function and many styles.

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Electric kettle composition


Most of the kettles with heat preservation function have two heating pipes, and one heat preservation heating pipe is independently controlled by the heat preservation switch, which allows the user to control whether to keep warm. Insulation power is generally below 50W, usually consumes no more than 0.1 kWh for one hour.

Key components: The key component of the electric kettle is the thermostat. The quality and service life of the thermostat determine the quality and service life of the kettle. The thermostat is divided into: simple thermostat, simple + jump thermostat, waterproof, anti-drying thermostat. Consumers are advised to buy water-proof, dry-burning thermostat electric kettles.

Other components: In addition to the key temperature controller, the composition of an electric kettle must include these basic components: kettle opening button, kettle top cover, power switch, handle, power indicator, heating site, etc.

Working principle of electric kettle

About 5 minutes after the electric kettle is connected to the power supply, the steam deforms the bimetallic strip of the steam temperature-sensing element, and opens the switch contact to disconnect the power supply. If the steam switch fails, the water in the pot will continue to burn until the water is dried, and the temperature of the heating element rises sharply. There are two bimetallic plates at the bottom of the heating plate. The temperature will rise sharply due to heat conduction, expand and deform, and break. Turn on the power. Therefore, the safety protection device of the electric kettle is very scientific and reliable. This is the principle of triple safety protection of electric kettle.

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