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Exhaust fan circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/28/2021 09:23

Exhaust fan, a kind of air regulating electric appliance, in which the air blade is driven by an electric motor to rotate and drive the air flow, so as to exchange indoor and outdoor air.Also known as ventilation fan.The purpose of exhaust should remove indoor dirty air namely, adjust temperature, humidity and feeling effect.Exhaust fan is widely used in family and public places.

Exhaust fan, also known as negative pressure fan, negative pressure fan and so on.Is the use of air convection can make the indoor has been in the state of negative pressure, forming a suction, a steady stream of outdoor air, and out of the stuffy indoor air, so as to achieve ventilation, cooling effect.

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Principle of exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is a kind of axial flow fan.It is mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling engineering and is called industrial exhaust fan.The exhaust fan has the characteristics of super-large duct, super-large blade diameter, super-large exhaust volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed and low noise.

Use together with cooling water curtain can solve the problem of ventilation and cooling at one stroke.The operation of the exhaust fan will create a negative pressure environment in the room.If the cooling water curtain is installed on the other side of the exhaust fan outlet wall, the exhaust fan will discharge the indoor hot air out of the room at the same time, it will also enter the room through the cooling water curtain containing rich water vapor into the room, so as to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling.

Ventilation principle

The process of the exhaust fan expelling air to the outside will cause the indoor air pressure drop, the indoor air becomes thinner and forms a negative pressure area, the air will flow into the room due to the pressure difference compensation.In the practical application of industrial workshop, the exhaust fan is usually centrally installed on one side of the workshop, and the intake is on the other side of the workshop. The air from the intake to the exhaust fan forms a convective blow.During this process, the Windows and doors close to the exhaust fan remain closed, forcing air to compensate for the flow into the workshop through the Windows and doors on the intake side.The air flows into the workshop through the intake, flows through the workshop, and is discharged by the exhaust fan in an orderly manner.Ventilation thoroughly, efficient, ventilation rate can be up to 99%.Through specific engineering design, according to the needs of the design of air exchange speed and wind speed, any high heat, harmful gases, dust smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop, any poor ventilation problems can be solved once and for all.Ventilation can be achieved in a few seconds from turning on the fan.

Cooling principle

The exhaust fan can quickly expel the stuffy air in the room, and inhale the air on the other side of the outdoor into the room, reaching a temperature equal to that of the outside, so as not to increase the temperature in the workshop.The flow of air takes heat away from the body. The flow of air accelerates the evaporation of sweat and absorbs heat, making the body feel cool, as cool as the natural wind.

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