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Heater circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/27/2021 11:33

The heater is a combined unit composed of a fan, motor and air heater. It is suitable for various types of workshops. When the air does not contain dust and flammable or explosive gases, it can be used as circulating air for heating. The heater can be used independently for heating, and is generally used to supplement the insufficient part of the radiator or use the radiator as the heating on duty. The rest of the heat load is borne by the heater.

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Type of heater


As the heater of the end device of the hot water or steam heating system, there are two types of hot water heater and steam heater according to the heat medium. The former uses hot water as the heat medium, and the latter uses steam as the heat medium.

There are two types of fan heaters, axial and centrifugal. Axial fans are often used in small units; centrifugal fans are often used in large units. There are NC, NF, S, TS, NA and other models for small heaters, and NBL, NLGS and other models for large heaters.

Heaters are divided into three categories according to their shape and structure:

(1) Horizontal blowing fan heater: indoor air is sucked in from one side, heated by the heat exchanger, and then sent out horizontally. The jet has a certain range, so that the air in the heating zone is fully mixed and the temperature is uniform.

(2) Top-blowing fan heater: The axial fan is placed under the unit, and the air enters from the side of the fan heater. After being heated by an upright air heat exchanger, it is sent downward. In order to make the jet surface sent downwards large, guide vanes for diffusion are installed at the outlet of the fan.

(3) Floor-mounted heater: The air volume of this type of unit is large, and the range of hot air sent is long, which can afford heating in a large area. During operation, the noise is large. Suitable for heating in factory buildings.

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