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How to Package PCB during the PCB Manufacturing Process?

By:PCBBUY 05/25/2022 10:12

In this passage, we are providing all the information about package PCB during the PCB manufacturing. If you are looking for more professional knowledge about PCB package, please check and read the content below for more.

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What are the classifications of PCB packaging?


If the PCB package is distinguished according to the installation method, it can be divided into mounted devices, plug-in devices, mixed devices (mounting and plug-in devices exist at the same time), and special devices. Special devices generally refer to sinker devices. PCB packaging can be divided into the following categories if it is distinguished by function and device shape:


SMD: Surface Mount Devices / surface mount components.

RA: Resistor Arrays / exclusion.

MELF: Metal electrode face components/metal electrode face components without lead

CFP: Ceramic Flat Packs/Ceramic Flat Pack.

PQFP: Plastic Quad Flat Pack/Plastic Quad Flat Pack.

SQFP: Shrink Quad Flat Pack/Shrink Quad Flat Pack.

CQFP: Ceramic Quad Flat Pack/Ceramic Quad Flat Pack.

PLCC: Plastic leaded chip carriers/ plastic packaged leaded chip carriers.

LCC: Leadless ceramic chip carriers/ leadless ceramic chip carriers.

QFN: Quad Flat Non-leaded package/Four-side no lead flat package.

DIP: Dual-In-Line components.

PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array/Plastic Ball Grid Array device.

RF: Radio frequency and microwave devices.

AX: Non-polarized Axial-Leaded Discretes/non-polarized axial pin discrete components.

CPAX: Polarized capacitor, axial/polarized axial pin capacitor.

CPC: Polarized capacitor, cylindricals/ with polarized cylindrical capacitors.

CYL: Non-polarized cylindricals/non-polarized cylindrical components.

DIODE: diode.

LED: Light-emitting diode.

DISC: Non-polarized Offset-leaded Discs/discrete components with no polarity bias pins.

RAD: Non-polarized Radial-Leaded Discretes/Non-polarized Radial-Leaded Discretes.

TO: Transistors Outlines, JEDEC compatible types/transistor shapes, JEDEC component types.

VRES: Variable resistors/adjustable potentiometer.

PGA: Plastic Grid Array / plastic package array device.

RELAY: Relay/relay.

SIP: Single-In-Line components/single-row pin components.

TRAN: Transformer/transformer.

PWR: Power module/power module.

CO: Crystal oscillator/ crystal oscillator.

OPT: Optical module/optical device.

SW: Switch/switch device (specially refers to non-standard package).

IND: Inductance/inductance (specially refers to non-standard packages).


What are the advantages of package?


PoP technology is being widely applied by OEMs owing to its impressively advantages:


Flexibility - Stacking structure of PoP provides OEMs such multiple selections of stacking that they are able to modify functions of their products at ease. For example, they are allowed to modify low-memory chip into high-memory chip to cater to newly-coming demands without need to change circuit board design of motherboard.


Overall size reduction


Shrinking overall cost


Reducing motherboard complexity


Improving logistics management


Enhancing technology reuse level

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