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Juicer Pcb

By: 03/13/2021 14:24

Juicer Pcb

Juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into vegetable juice, small size ones can be used at home. It was invented by Dr. Norman Walker back in 1930. On this basis, the designers later improved the juicers of different styles and different principles.

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There are two main types of consumer groups for juicer: one is for families with children or the elderly. Children are prone to picky food and the elderly have bad teeth. Juicing their own juice can satisfy their intake of sufficient nutrition; the other is to pursue fashion and life Juicy young people, juicers meet their needs of advocating individual taste. With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers' mentality has begun to transition from the most basic life needs to a nutritious and healthy taste life, which makes it possible for juicers to become more popular. Whether it is a juicer or a food processor, it is in the market introduction period. For most consumers, it is still a luxury product. How to guide consumers' consumption concepts is crucial.

Fruits and vegetables are the main foods for humans to take vitamins. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables have a higher health status than people who do not like fruits and vegetables. Especially in the prevention of diseases, fruits and vegetables also have an irreplaceable role, which is really a healthy diet. Although fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, many people do not like to eat them directly, so many families are equipped with juicers to solve health problems.

Three different working principles of juicer

1. High-speed centrifugal juicer

This is the most common type of juice extractor on the domestic market. Its working principle is to use a knife net to turn the fruit at a high speed of thousands of revolutions per minute to crush the fruit. The powerful centrifugal force causes the juice to flow into the juice cup, and the fruit residue Throw it into the slag collection barrel. Different brands and models of high-speed centrifugal juicers also have differences in material, power, and feed port size. When selecting, pay attention to choose the one with high power and large feed port.

Advantage: The fruit does not need to be cut very small, and the juice is squeezed quickly. It takes only a few seconds to squeeze an apple or carrot, and the juice is clear.

Disadvantages: noisy; the juice yield is average. The squeezed pomace is wet and a bit wasteful. It can hardly squeeze juice for leafy vegetables with low water content or particularly soft fruits.

2. Low-speed extrusion juicer

This kind of juicer is also loved by many people. Its working principle is to rely on an internal screw rod to rotate at a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute to squeeze and grind the fruit. The juice flows through the filter and the pomace. The slag discharge port is discharged.

Advantages: low noise; high rate of squeezing relatively crisp fruit, the squeezed fruit residue is very dry, no waste, and it is also satisfactory for leaf vegetables.

Disadvantages: The fruit needs to be cut into very small pieces, and then filled in and squeezed little by little, which takes time; the squeezed juice is thicker, mixed with small pulp fibers.

3. Food processor

Many people call this machine also called a juicer. Strictly speaking, it should be called a food processor or a blender. It needs to be added with water. Its working principle is that the blade at the bottom of the mixing cup rotates at a high speed, and the food is repeatedly broken under the action of the water flow.

Advantages: low price, easy cleaning, and can process a variety of foods.

Disadvantages: water is needed to use, cannot squeeze pure fruit juice, can only stir out fruit and vegetable paste.

Different juicers use different circuit boards, and we can meet different circuit board needs. The services we can provide are as follows.





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