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PCBBUY Launch ENEPIG: A Brand New Surface Finish Comes Out

By:PCBBUY 10/12/2021 09:12

PCBBUY Launch ENEPIG: A Brand New Surface Finish Comes Out

Surface finishing is one of the most important steps in PCB manufacturing process. At present, the common surface finishing methods in the market include tin HASL, IMM Tin, ENIG, bare copper, OSP and so on. Different surface finishing methods have different advantages and disadvantages. For some users who are more stringent on the PCB, common surface finishing cannot meet the requirements of resistance soldering, and the ENEPIG process of PCBBUY just solves this problem.

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What is the process of ENEPIG at PCBBUY?


ENEPIG is a kind of selective surface processing technology, is also a kind of new surface treatment technology, the principle for the PCB copper layer on the surface of the plating layer of nickel, palladium and gold, the main process includes: ink removal - micro etching - preimpregnation - the activation - setting nickel - the palladium - ENIG - drying, though every link there will be through multistage water processing.


What is the purpose of ENEPIG at PCBBUY?


The primary purpose of surface finishing is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Because the natural copper tends to exist in the air in the form of oxide, it is impossible to keep the original copper for a long time, so the need for other treatment of copper, thus ENIG, HASL and other common processes.


What are the advantages of ENEPIG at PCBBUY?


Compared with other surface finishing, ENEPIG has the advantages of stable durability, excellent solderability, good compatibility, high flatness and suitable for high-density pads, so it can be used in more precise PCB, and has better solderability.


At present, the widely used gold sinking process, the principle is to wrap a thick layer of nickel gold alloy with good electrical properties on the copper surface, so as to protect the circuit board for a long time. Compared with precipitated gold, ENEPIG needs to add a layer of palladium between nickel and gold. Palladium can prevent corrosion caused by displacement reaction and make full preparation for ENIG. The gold can be tightly coated with palladium, providing a good interface.


Compare with other surface finishing


In the existing market, there are 4 primary lead-free final finishes for PCBs which are suitable for assembly of fine pitch QFP / BGA devices:


·  Immersion Tin

·  Immersion Silver

·  Organic Solder Preservatives (OSP)

·  Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)


The table below shows a comparison between these four final finishes and ENEPIG. None of the four primary final finish options is perfect for lead-free assembly, due to a variety of different concerns including multiple reflow cycle capability, shelf life before assembly and wire bond capability. In contrast, ENEPIG shows substantial advantages combining excellent shelf life, solder joint reliability, gold wire bondability and usage as a contact surface.


Why PCBBUY is professional at ENEPIG?


This process is not common because the nickel palladium has certain requirements on the process capacity of the plate plant, so many enterprises cannot find a suitable plate plant.


At present, PCBBUY has been fully online nickel palladium process, to solve the problem of enterprises. PCBBUY also supports a variety of complex processes, such as custom laminated structures, ultra thin sheets, large size boards, etc. As a professional PCB manufacturer of 1-8 layers, PCBBUY will continue to solve the problems of various precision boards and difficult boards for customers.


Why to choose manufacturer like PCBBUY?


PCBBUY Technology Co. Ltd is a smart factory specialized in quick turn PCB prototyping. PCBBUY service center is located in the beautiful city - Hangzhou, China, and its factory is located in the southern gate of China - Zhuhai, Guangdong. There are production lines of Single PCB,2 layers PCB,4 layers PCB,6 layers PCB,8 layers PCB and 1000mm PCB. We has passed the SGS, RoHS, UL and other authority certification, the fastest can achieve 24 hours of delivery.


PCBBUY that relies on Internet plus and Industry 4.0 technology, has fully realized online and offline collaborative office and reconstructed traditional PCB factory production management mode by utilizing new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and “the Internet of Thing”. We have developed our own MES (Manufacturing Execution system), that connects and monitors machines and work centers on the factory floor, the MES is to ensure the effective execution of manufacturing operations and improve production efficiency which greatly shorten the traditional delivery time. We offer 24H rapid service for 1-8 layer prototype PCB, online quoting, online ordering, uploading files, and real-time tracking etc.

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