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POC VS MVP VS Prototype: Which Is Better in PCB Manufacturing?

By:PCBBUY 06/23/2022 10:04

In this passage, we are going to providing all the professional information of POC VS MVP VS Prototype in PCB manufacturing. If you are searching for more professional knowledge of POC VS MVP VS Prototype, please check and read the content below for more.

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What are the differences of POC VS MVP VS Prototype in PCB manufacturing?



A Proof of Concept is a mini project used to verify technical concepts such as technology, method, and integration. It is not mandatory to develop a POC if the concept is already available in the market. If your startup is innovating, the viability of the new concept’s practical implementation is an uncertain idea. It is used before you launch the product in the market and before product development.



What do you mean by Minimum Viable Product? An MVP has a minimum required set of features to serve their customers and gain instant feedback for further improvement. An MVP is a functional app loaded with superior features that represent the application. It lets you know what your users like and what they wait to get later. From a fundamental concept to existence, MVP is a primary system on its own that depicts your system’s basic version providing a small set of users and comments. It is a combination of microservices that mainly focus on creating one whole thing at a time. MVP is one of the most in-demand approaches for mapping product fit.



A prototype is an interactive mirror of your products’ eye that manifests the main design elements and determines the user flows. It focuses on determining the product look and understanding the fundamental project workflows that are to be included in the product development process. What is a Mobile app prototype? It shows how an app will flow from one screen to another and processes the app development. You can visualize the UX before you start developing your project. But when thinking about Prototype vs. Proof of concept, they are the same, giving an excellent idea of the kind of user experience you expect from your project.


Which should you choose POC VS MVP VS Prototype?


We’re now going to walk you through the specifics of each of these three approaches. Then we’ll take a look at the pros and cons for each concept, so you can get a better picture of what they have to offer.


Proof-of-concept in app development

A proof-of-concept (POC) tests whether a particular concept is feasible from a technical point of view. Basically, the POC application method needs to have a straightforward end goal in sight, and it has to demonstrate whether that goal can be achieved or not. Following the implementation of this process, all parties involved should be able to answer the question: can this be built?


Different aspects can influence the decision to pursue a proof-of-concept in app development. Your product specifications will influence this decision and help you frame the concept you’re proofing. Let’s go through the most crucial aspects:


Do you have a prototype created? It’s rare for a product to just have one feature and nothing much besides it. That’s why one part of the product definition process is to document and illustrate all the features your product entails through a prototype. When you have this done (we’ll go into details on this in the next section), then it’s worth taking the time to plan your development.


High-risk features that need more coding time and don’t have proven functionality should be tackled first, through a proof-of-concept. If your make-or-break feature isn’t doable, there’s little point in investing in developing all the other functionalities of your product. Instead, you’re saving yourself those costs and creating a window of opportunity to pivot your product. Redirect your efforts towards a different take that generates value for your business and re-uses the proof of concept code in other ways.


Whether you’re just playing with a new product idea or you plan to produce a new product at full scale, you’ll need to start with a POC for your new product. This gives you the chance to qualify whether your ideas are feasible in a product produced at scale. This important part of the NPI process affects the prototype and MVP design process. This important part of NPI also allows you to rigorously define the functionality requirements for your new product. Once you’ve defined your requirements and identified the components you need, you’re ready to start building a POC.

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