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Water purifier circuit board

By:PCBBUY 04/27/2021 09:28

The intelligent water purifier is a low water discharge. The water purifier is equipped with an LED display screen, a water purifier with voice reminder function, temperature monitoring control, temperature alarm, water level control, water level monitoring alarm and other functions, intelligent water purifier Through the setting of the program, you can intelligently judge the usage of the water purifier, realize automatic flushing, automatic sewage discharge, intelligently identify the remaining use time of the water purifier filter, and intelligently remind you to replace the filter when appropriate.

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In addition to the basic functions of ordinary water purifiers that can improve the taste, smell, clarity, and removal of residual chlorine in the water, the intelligent water purifier can also make the water quality purer and the taste more sweet and delicious. Drinking standards. More importantly, the high-density activated carbon filter, ultraviolet light and intelligent monitoring system equipped with the intelligent water purifier can monitor the water quality more effectively and remove more than 140 kinds of water pollutants. Compared with other common water purifiers, smart water purifiers can filter out more pollutants. The intelligent water purifier not only can effectively filter more than 140 kinds of harmful substances to human body, but also can improve the taste and smell of drinking water. The intelligent water purifier uses a flow monitor to measure the water flow, uses PID to control the temperature, uses red and green light-emitting diodes as temperature alarms, uses two sets of switches to control the water level, and uses a buzzer as a water level monitoring alarm. The intelligent chip installed on the top of the filter element will automatically record the filter capacity and use time of the filter element. The electronic module reads the records of the intelligent chip to determine the usage and remaining life of the filter element, and is equipped with a sound and flashing LED display on the top of the machine to remind the user of the operation of the water filter.

When the tap water flows into the intelligent water purifier, it first goes to the outer layer of the ultraviolet filter cartridge from the water inlet, and the high-density activated carbon filter cartridge filters out large particulate matter in the water, such as sand, rust, etc.; built-in electrodeless penetration and two-way adsorption function , Can accurately filter fine particles, harmful chemicals and carcinogens invisible to the naked eye in water, such as lead, mercury, trihalomethane and other harmful substances, and at the same time, strong absorption of different colors and odors in water; when the water is exposed to ultraviolet light , 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses can be effectively eliminated, and truly meet the standard of purified drinking water.

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