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What Are the 5 Essential Steps of SMT Factory in PCB Industry?

By:PCBBUY 05/22/2023 15:12

What Are the 5 Essential Steps of SMT Factory in PCB Industry?

Surface mount technology became known in the 1960s, and the applicability slowly rose in the 1980s. This technology was known as planar mounting in the beginning. The technique of surface mounting involved SMDs or surface mound packages. Components in this board have lead surrounding or underneath.


In this passage, we will tell you everything about the SMT factory. If you are looking for more about SMT of PCB, please check and read the content below for more professional information.

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What are the steps in PCB SMT factory?


Electronics manufacturing using surface-mount technology (SMT) simply means that electronic components are assembled with automated machines that place components on the surface of a board (printed circuit board, PCB). In contrast to conventional through-hole technology (THT) processes, SMT components are placed directly on the surface of a PCB instead of being soldered to a wire lead. When it comes to electronic assembly, SMT is the most frequently used process in the industry.


Electronic assembly encompasses not only placing and soldering components to the PCB, but also the following production steps:


·  Applying soldering paste, which is made of tin particles and flux, to the PCB

·  Placing SMT components to the soldering paste on the PCB

·  Soldering the boards with a reflow process.


What is the working process of PCB SMT factory?


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the method used to mount electrical components directly onto the surface of a PCB. This multi-step process begins with the stenciling solder paste. Think of it like screen-printing a t-shirt, only instead of ink, we use a solder paste to print the paste, and then the pick and place machines place the parts on the board. After the PCB boards with components are mounted, they go through a reflow oven to melt the solder. The SMT process includes multiple inspection points to ensure the highest quality at every stage of manufacturing. Factory has five SMT lines, including two that are dedicated to their Express Prototyping facility for quick-turn electronics manufacturing and prototyping services.


How to choose PCB SMT factory?


Choose the equipment

This is the first and most important thing to do when choosing a production facility. The factory must be located in an area with excellent communication systems. It is suggested to ask the factory owner why they chose that area. Is it close to the railway or highway? Is it near the airport? These are all good questions to ask when choosing a factory. If you are going to have your own transportation, it becomes less important if it is close to transportation lines, but if you are going to use public transport, this will become a priority.


Industry experience

Many factories will claim that they have been in the industry for a very long time, but this is not always true. If you are not careful, you may be cheated. Therefore, it is suggested that you should check the company’s records and find out how long they have been in business and whether or not they have a good reputation.


The following are some of the methods to check if a factory has a good reputation. First, it is suggested to ask around about this factory by talking with other suppliers or customers who may know about them. Second, if possible, you should go to the factory and talk with its employees; their attitude towards you will show their reputation. Third, you can visit some of their customers and ask them what they think of the factory; their answers will also help your decision.


Delivery Ability

The next important thing to do when choosing a factory is checking their delivery ability. If a factory cannot deliver on time, it may render your project useless. Therefore, it is very important to check the factory’s delivery ability before making a purchase.


The following are some ways in which you can check for delivery ability: First, you should ask for delivery guarantees from the supplier; Second, you should ask for some samples of products that they have delivered to other customers; Third, you should ask if they have any special shipping arrangements or not; Fourth, you should ask your supplier how long it usually takes them to deliver an order and what kind of transportation arrangement they use; Fifth, make sure that your supplier has an organized system for production and delivery so that your order will be delivered on time without any problems when you place an order with them.


What are the considerations of choosing PCB SMT factory?


Knowing the following will get you a very realistic SMT quote, plus SMT companies will know that you mean business.


·  For the SMT quote, tell the company whether you want them to supply all SMT components or whether you will supply them all or a part of them.

·  About the board type, it can be a single piece or panelized board.

·  An SMT company will ask you about the assembly sides for the board, will the SMT quote be for only the top side of the board, bottom side or both sides?

·  Quantities of PCBs of course.

·  The number of component types on each board


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