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What Are the Advantages of Heavy Copper PCB?

By:PCBBUY 11/20/2023 14:29

The main benefit of heavy copper PCB is the capability to support frequency to excessive current, elevated temperatures and recurring thermal cycling, which can do harm to a regular circuit board in seconds. What’s more, there is a great demand for heavy copper PCBs in the computer, automotive, military, and industrial controls.


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What does heavy copper PCB offer?


Heavy copper PCB has a lot to offer. It has got some unique features that make it an ideal option for high-end applications. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of this PCB;


·  Great thermal distribution: Due to its copper-plated vias, this PCB offers high thermal resistance. Heavy copper PCB are used in applications that demand high speed and high frequency. You can also use this PCB at harsh temperatures.


·  Mechanical strength: Heavy copper PCB feature great mechanical strength. When this PCB is used, it makes the electrical system durable and robust.


·  Good conductor: Heavy copper circuit boards are a good conductor. They are utilized in the production of electronics due to this feature. They help to link various boards together. These boards can transfer current.


·  Onboard heat sink: Heavy copper boards offer an onboard heat sink. With these boards, you can achieve effective heat sinks on mosaic surfaces.


·  Great dissipation factor: Heavy copper PCB are ideal for large components with a high loss of power. These PCBs prevent overheating from occurring in electrical systems. They dissipate excess heat effectively.


What Are the Advantages of Heavy Copper PCB?


In additions, the heavy copper PCB board is also used in other purposes: In addition, there are some other benefits of heavy copper PCB as follows:


·  Compact product size because of several copper weights on the same layer of circuitry;


·  Onboard high-power-density planar transformers;


·  Heavy copper-plated vias pass the elevated current through the PCB and are good for transferring the heat to an outer heat sink.


What are the applications of heavy copper PCB?


Heavy copper PCBs are used in the following applications:


·  Solar Power Converters

·  Torque Controls

·  Safety and Signal Systems

·  Power Line Monitors

·  UPS Systems

·  Rail Traction Systems

·  Protection Relays

·  Storage Pumping Plants

·  Overload Relays

·  HVAC Systems


What are the guidelines of heavy copper PCB design?


Heavy copper printed circuit boards may require a thicker final board thickness due to increased copper weight, particularly if controlled dielectric requirements are also present. PCB International strongly recommends sending us the Board Stackup to support so we may confirm your desired board thickness and copper weight requirement can be successfully achieved.


With heavy copper Printed Circuit Boards, minimum trace width and space requirements are increased due to the increased risk of causing unintended short circuits. See below (Table 1) for recommended minimum trace width and space for heavy copper boards up to 8oz. Please keep in mind that we are capable of smaller trace/space per oz than shown in this table. However, the pricing is higher, and requires a custom quote. For all heavy copper Printed Circuit Boards, PCB International strongly recommends that our clients send us their board requirements and Gerber files for review, and to obtain a quote.


What is the performance of heavy copper PCB design?


Thick copper PCB has the best elongation performance and is not limited by the processing temperature. It can be used in hot melt welding methods such as oxygen blowing at a high melting point and not brittle at low temperatures. Even in extremely corrosive atmospheric environments, copper PCB forms a strong, non-toxic passivation protective layer.


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