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What Are the Working Principles of Floor robot PCB?

By:PCBBUY 03/17/2023 09:31

Sweeping robot, also known as automatic cleaning machine, intelligent vacuum, robot vacuum cleaner, etc., is a kind of intelligent household appliances, can rely on a certain artificial intelligence, automatically complete the floor cleaning work in the room. Generally, brush and vacuum are adopted to absorb the debris on the ground into the garbage storage box, so as to complete the function of cleaning the ground. generally speaking, the robots that complete cleaning, vacuuming and scrubbing are also classified as sweeping robots.


The body of the sweeping machine is wireless machine, with disk - based. Run on a rechargeable battery, operated by a remote control, or by a panel on the machine. Generally can set a time to make an appointment to clean, self-charging. Sensors are installed ahead to detect obstacles. If you encounter walls or other obstacles, you will turn on your own and follow a different route according to the Settings of different manufacturers.(Some earlier models may lack some functions) Because of its simple operation function and convenience, it has been gradually popularized and become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families.


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Principle of sweeping robot


Fuselage for automation technology of the mobile device, and the dust collection box vacuum suction device, the fuselage setting control path, repeated walking indoors, such as: border cleaning, concentration, such as random cleaning, linear path to clean, supplemented by central side brush, brush rotating, cloth and so on, strengthen the cleaning effect, to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.


Structure of sweeping robot


Ontology: The appearance of different brands will be different.


Rechargeable batteries: generally, nickel metal hydride batteries are mainly used, and lithium batteries are partly used, but the unit price of lithium batteries is usually higher. Battery charging time and usage time also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Charging station: It can provide a place for robot vacuum cleaner to go home by itself to charge.


Dust box: different from ordinary vacuum bag, it is equipped with dust box to collect dust. Generally, it can be divided into two types :


1. Central dust collecting box;


2. Remote control: Control robot vacuum cleaner, also can be controlled from the fuselage.


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