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What Are the Working Principles of the Coffee Machine PCB?

By:PCBBUY 03/28/2024 13:52

People applied electronic technology to the coffee machine, and realized the automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee such as grinding, pressing, filling, brewing, and removing residues, creating a coffee machine; in the early 20th century AD, he lived in Italy An "impatient engineer" near Poli, who was impatient with dripping coffee for too long, came up with a way to wait for the time to brew coffee with high temperature and high pressure to shorten the time, so he invented Italian coffee Quick conditioning, Espresso also became popular.

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Semi-automatic coffee machine


The semi-automatic coffee machine, commonly known as the handle machine, is a traditional Italian coffee machine. This machine is based on manual operation of grinding, pressing, filling, brewing, and manually removing residue. This type of machine includes small single-tap household machines, double-tap, three-tap large-scale commercial machines, etc. The newer machines are also equipped with electronic water control, which can accurately and automatically control the amount of coffee brewed.


This type of machine is mainly produced in Italy and is very popular in Italy. Its main features are: simple machine structure, reliable work, easy maintenance, and high-quality Italian coffee can be produced according to the correct usage method. The shortcomings of this machine are also advantages: operators must undergo rigorous training to make high-quality coffee with this machine, and excellent baristas can provide customized coffee.


Automatic coffee machine


People apply electronic technology to coffee machines, and realize the automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee such as preheating, cleaning, grinding, pressing, brewing, and purging powder, creating a fully automatic coffee machine.


The high-quality fully automatic coffee machine brews coffee according to the most scientific data and procedures, and all are equipped with a complete protection system, which is convenient to use, and the coffee that can be obtained with just one touch is superior to the convenience. Products of traditional coffee machines.


The structure is relatively complex, requiring good maintenance, and high maintenance costs are the shortcomings of this machine. However, the automatic coffee machine is convenient, fast, consistent in quality and high in efficiency. Operators do not need training and other outstanding advantages make it more and more popular with customers.


Manufacturers are mainly automatic coffee machines produced in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries, with a wide variety. Among them, the automatic coffee machine made in Switzerland is ingeniously designed and unique. The fully automatic coffee machine made in Italy has a simple appearance, stable and reliable quality, and is well-known in the international coffee machine industry.


Automatic coffee machines are divided into large, medium and small sizes according to the number of coffee brewed per hour (generally from 60 to 280 cups per hour). They are suitable for offices and homes.


Since Luigi Bezzera launched the first vapor pressure commercial coffee machine in 1901, whether it is Pavoni Gaggia


Or other machines that use steam or pistons as pressure are only one boiler: the bottom of the boiler is hot water for brewing coffee, and the steam is provided above, but in order to make steam, the entire boiler must be heated to boiling, making the heat close to the boiling point The water burns the coffee powder, loses the aromatic fat deep in the coffee powder, and even extracts the bitter coffee.


Because the water for brewing coffee is heated in a large boiler, the water will not be fresh after being placed in the boiler for a long time, and the temperature difference of the hot water will increase due to the use of steam. The temperature difference of the hot water for making coffee.


In order to improve the temperature difference, Ernesto Valente was the first FAEMA in the world to use a pump as a pressure source in 1960


In E61, the method of heating the water used to brew coffee is changed so that the water used to brew coffee does not directly contact the heat source, but uses a method similar to water heating.


In the middle of the boiler of E61 (hereinafter referred to as the outer boiler) is a tube (hereinafter referred to as the internal pipeline), which uses the pump to introduce fresh cold water into the internal curved pipeline. When the pump pushes fresh cold water through this tube, the cold water will be heated by the hot water in the outer boiler, but it is surrounded by a tube, so the fresh water will not come into contact with the hot water of the outer boiler. The reason why the water pipe is made into a curved shape is to make the cold water have enough time to contact the external boiler and become the hot water temperature just suitable for brewing coffee.


Due to the circulation of hot water in the boiler, the temperature of each cup of coffee is very close, whether it is one cup per hour or one hundred cups at once. In this way, not only can the temperature difference be reduced, but also the freshness of the water can be taken into account. The hot water in the outer boiler is only used to generate steam for making milk foam, and it is not used to brew coffee.


This is the principle of a single boiler heat exchanger. Until the end of 2018, the internal structure and principle of most Italian coffee machines are still very close to FAEMA E61.


From the above description, we can infer: when the capacity of the outer boiler is larger, the temperature difference of the hot water for brewing coffee will be lower, and the effect of the temperature difference caused by the use of steam can be reduced.

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