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Turnkey PCB assembly

By:PCBBUY 07/20/2021 09:23

The meaning of “turnkey” projects is any product or service that comes ready for the buyer to operate. In terms of PCB assembly, turnkey assembly is a service where all aspects of the PCB project are handled by your supplier on your behalf. The supplier procures parts and components and assemblies the PCB. Turnkey PCB assembly typically uses cloud-based software and powerful machinery to put together circuit boards more efficiently and at a greater volume than small and medium businesses can handle on their own.


Turnkey PCB assembly is an electronic assembly solution offering efficient and cost-effective means of building and testing circuit boards for new products, with the shortest lead times possible. In this guide, we’ll discuss the meaning of turnkey solutions for PCB assembly and the benefits associated with it.


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What are the advantages of turnkey PCB assembly?


The most obvious benefit of turnkey PCB assembly is that businesses don’t have to take their focus off critical processes like continual innovation to spend time figuring out the assembly side. There’s no need to expend time and energy finding the best component costs, going through a frustrating process of procurement and then needing an in-house team to assemble them skillfully. The most significant benefits of turnkey assembly include:


Cost Reduction


With a turnkey contract, there is no extra cost to deliver freight to an assembly workshop, meaning you save a significant amount of money. Turnkey services also have good working relationships with component manufacturers and can almost always get a better price for parts than small or medium businesses.


Issue Identification


A major time and money-saving advantage of turnkey PCB assembly is the ability to spot potential issues before the circuit boards make it into any products. As part of the process, you submit a netlist file to the assembler. Before assembly begins, the assembler will check to be sure specifications match the application and identify any errors that may be present. Should any errors be found, you have the opportunity to correct the design and avoid being saddled with thousands of unsuitable circuit boards.


Streamlined Management


Dealing with multiple vendors can be stressful and a time drain, especially on small businesses with fewer human resources to go around. With turnkey manufacturing solutions, you stand a far less chance of experiencing a miscommunication because you’re managing multiple channels of interaction. These potential miscommunications can happen between you and a vendor, or even between vendors, and can lead to derailment of your timeline and wasted money.


Your turnkey supplier will likely provide you with a single point of contact through which all business will be conducted, providing you with peace of mind and lightening the burden of management in the assembly of PCBs.


What are the differences of Partial Turnkey and Full Turnkey?


Turnkey PCB assembly comes in two varieties: partial and full. Partial turnkey services are a form of consignment manufacturing, in which only part of the assembly process is outsourced. In a partial turnkey project, the technology developer retains responsibility for a portion of the supply chain. This can mean involvement in purchasing or assembly. The consignment model sees the tech developer in charge of obtaining, sorting and packaging materials for delivery to the assembler.


For businesses that already have a majority of the necessary parts on hand, partial turnkey services can expedite the manufacturing process and save money. However, if you don’t have parts, aren’t sure where to order the right ones or don’t know which components are right for your circuit board design, full turnkey service is the more appropriate option.


Full turnkey PCB assembly sees your assembly provider do all the work of putting your circuit boards together. They source the parts and create the circuit order. All you have to do is provide:


· A bill of materials

· Gerber Files

· Product dimensions

· Packaging and shipping information


Please note, if you do not have the resources listed above please reach out to us and we can help procure everything needed to start the process.


A full turnkey service is naturally more of an investment than a partial or consignment service, but it can dramatically improve your experience with acquiring PCBs — especially if you are new to dealing with circuit boards.

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